Auroborus Corporation (AuroCorp) was founded in 2018 based upon the belief that patient capital and a flexible investment mandate are competitive advantages in the pursuit of superior, long-term risk-adjusted returns. AuroCorp’s primary investment objective is to identify or create investment opportunities with asymmetric risk/reward profiles – generally offering enhanced downside protection and meaningful upside optionality. These investment opportunities are frequently found in out-of-favor areas experiencing fundamental change and/or scarcity of capital.

Auroborus opportunistically invests directly in securities and structured private investments, builds platform companies with industry specialists, and creates new hedge funds and private equity firms in which the Auroborus funds hold ownership or other economic interests.

Chief Executive Officers, Michael Dale Miller, Madeleine Juliette Miller and Cherie Noelle Miller, founded Auroborus Corporation. The founders are joined by Senior Managing Director Adam Stein in leading AuroCorp’s investment efforts.